Machine Learning

MOOC Machine Learning
Interested in artificial intelligence, programming with open source software? Then join us!

On 20th of August the Machine Learning Course from the Stanford University is starting. The course takes 10 weeks and is well known for the excelent content: programming in GNU Octave and statistic methods: a challenging introduction into the field of artificial intelligence.

Stanford University

For more informations and for subscribing go to the course page at the Freie Universität Graz.

Open Science

The whole exercises and experiences will be documented and done in a free and open way as much and as soon as possible, related to the honor code and copyright law.

Especially we will build a knowledge base for working with GNU Octave and document our experiences with this Massive Open Online Course.

Interested in doing it the open science way? Then look at the Wiki page for this lecture and join us.


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