This webproject gives you the possibility to collect bibliographic data via the crowd. It offers a submission form, a list view, automatic email notification and an admin section where you can edit and delete entries and generate a BibTeX file.

There is also an wordpress page template to embed the list view into your wordpress site.

DEMO: Bibliography of Research on Data Journalism


The software is written in PHP, HTML + JavaScript and uses mySQL as database.

The project was started during the fellowship of Julian Ausserhofer at Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society.

Thanks a lot to Danah Boyd and Dylan Field, who developed the initial version of this crowd-sourced bibliography for research on Social Network Sites and Twitter. Danah provided the free source code, which Stefan Kasberger built on and added some minor changes to make it more flexible in deployment and for use in wordpress.

Openness & Participate

The sourcecode is licensed under the MIT License, shared on GitHub and open for collaboration. There you can also report issues on the software or improve it – but you can also contact us via email or with a comment.

Feel free to make your own bibliography for your own field of interest. It should only take around half an hour to adapt it to your needs.

CrowdBib @ GitHub


Start Date: August 2013
Status: open for improvement


  • Stefan Kasberger: Programmer (@stefankasberger, stefan.kasberger [ett]
  • Julian Ausserhofer: Idea, Project-Leader (@boomblitz)


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