Map Your City

Map your city is a game for mobile devices, where you have to validate objects from OpenStreetMap in a fun way and earn badges for it. This game is a software project started for the Location-based Service Course at the Technical University of Graz.


In several game modi (single- and multiplayer) you compete with others on validation on restaurants, cafés or other geoobjects out of the openstreetmap database.

Very important is the modular software architecture, to make it other people as easy as possible to add new game modi and regions to the game.


The milestones are as followed:

  • 8th February 2013: first running version for course (alpha)
  • 1st March 2013: improved version for APPS4Austria challenge
  • afterwards improve the app for worldwide useage and test it (beta)




We use:

  • Flask: a Python Microframework
  • HTML5 + CSS
  • JavaScript: Leaflet, jQuery
  • postgreSQL with postGIS

We produce:
Everything will be shared via our GitHub Repository under the XXXX license.


The development will be documented in the documentation file and blogged here.


It is planned to release the gathered data in a non personal resolution sometimes.


Everyone can participate and support the project with ideas, code and critic. Write us or leave a comment at the bottom.

Project Details

Start Date: 14 December 2012


Stefan Kasberger
Martin Hochenwarter


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