Open Science WordPress Theme

The Open Science WordPress Theme allows easy publishing with a well structured and designed user interface for Open Science, Projects related to Open Science and Courses done the open way.


The theme (What is a theme?) together with an WordPress Installation will provide a customizeable, easy-to-use platform to publish open science content – from ordinary blogging to open access papers. Here just a few of the main functions the Open Science Theme should provide in the final 1.0 version.

  • Easy and userfriendly backend
  • Structure content fitting to the open science research process and also non scientific projects and lectures
  • workflow via templates and customized backend for the different content types, i.e. Paper, Scientific Project, Blogging, related Projects, Courses, Events, Scientists Profile
  • Support of LaTeX, Syntax Highlighting, Referencing, Citing
  • make it easy to subscribe to different content
  • reduced, easy to navigate layout and design
  • use of other open science related projects like github, mendeley or figshare
  • export content in free document formats
  • connect with web2.0 services
  • Early releases on GitHub


Actually, the idea was born in 2012 with first code contributions in December 2012.

The actual sourcecode is available through the GitHub Repository. The documentation is done in a org-mode file located in the doc folder.


Everyone is welcome to participate in any way he or she wants to help this project getting it done.

  • WordPress Theme Developer (PHP, CSS, JavaScript and HTML): a team effort makes things better and more probable to be finished
  • Designer to help on graphics and design issues, our weak spot
  • also scientists who want to share their experiences in doing science the open way
  • any other persons ideas, critics or requirements for a platform like this


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