mOGD-i: municipal Open Government Data indicators

mOGD-i stands for municipal Open Government Data indicators and looks for proper indicators for Open Government Data Plattforms of municipalities.


Critics on the scientific work or even the question itself are very welcome, also and new ideas, approaches or improvements.
There is also an own Hashtag on Twitter for the discussion: #mOGD-indicators and a RSS-Feed.



Stefan Huber (Researcher)

He is the creator and – right now – the only researcher on the mOGD-i project.

Stefan Huber is a doctoral researcher at the ICT&S Center of Salzburg University (more details). His research comprises e-democracy, e-participation, open government and open government data, participatory society, new media literacy and online civic education, public value and participatory online budgeting.



The timeline collects all available information about the scientific process and the resulting publications. It includes for example online-papers, articles and protocols from this Open Science Plattform as well as from other sources.

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